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  • List connections
# shell
nmcli con show
  • Start editing connection
# shell
nmcli con edit 7184fa3d-90b7-3a12-8198-4f5b40a65035
  • Show connection properties
# nmcli
print all
  • Set static configuration method:
# nmcli
set ipv4.method manual
  • Set required IP configuration:
# nmcli
set ipv4.address
set ipv4.gateway
  • Remove unwanted IP addresses:
# nmcli
remove ipv4.address

NOTE: Removing IP address causes removal of all IP addresses. So, one has to add them again one by one.

  • Save configuration and quit:
# nmcli
save persistent
  • Restart connection:
# shell
nmcli con down 7184fa3d-90b7-3a12-8198-4f5b40a65035
nmcli con up 7184fa3d-90b7-3a12-8198-4f5b40a65035