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As soon as I received Android update notification ("System update"), I made backup using "ROM Manager" just in case.

Then I went back to the "System update" notification and pressed "Install now". My phone was already rooted with ClockworkMod Recovery installed. Update failed with the following messages:

ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.0.2
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E: failed to verify whole-file signature
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

Galaxy nexus android update signature verification error.jpg

I tried to find and re-apply package again from ClockworkMod Recovery by going to

- install zip from sdcard

But I didn't know the location of the zip file with the update. Nevertheless, I noticed that there was a sub-menu:

- toggle signature verification

This looked like the key to the solution.


Create backup of the system

As soon as the phone was rebooted and I got "System update" notification again, I pressed "Install later".

Before proceeding with the update procedure, I updated ClockworkMod Recovery to its latest version (which was v6.0.1.0 at the time) just in case.

Note that getting "System update" notification may not be straightforward (even if you got to "Settings" => "About phone" => "System updates" and press "Check now", it may result in nothing). In that case it is wise to create backup of the system when the notification is still around. Restoring this backup takes time but you will get the notification immediately after reboot.

Save update file into known location

At this point, you have already backed up your system and you have the "System update" notification. The update actually comes in the form of zip file and it should be downloaded by the system somewhere.

Search for "zip" using "Root Explorer" application. For example, the file can be found as:


The file with update to Android 4.1.1 was about 160.27MB. Move this file to another directory, then rename it to make sure the location is simple to remember, for example:


Apply update from ClockworkMod Recovery without verifying signature

Go to "ROM Manager" application and select "Reboot into Recovery".

After the boot, in the main menu of Recovery mode select:

- install zip from sdcard

Before installing update, disable signature verification. Select:

- toggle signature verification

The log at the bottom of the screen should show:

Signature Check: Disabled

In the same sub-menu select:

- choose zip from sdcard

Navigate to the saved /sdcard/Download/ file (as in the example above) and select

- Yes - Install

Wait until this log message appears at the bottom:

Install from sdcard complete.

Go back to the main menu and select:

- reboot system now

There was a warning message in my case:

ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

I chose No. This is probably why I had to re-flash ClockworkMod after reboot. But this after-step was not a problem. Therefore, as long as you don't want to experiment, select:

- No

Then there was the next warning message:

Root access possibly lost. Fix?

Since re-rooting can be more complex involving cables and PC software, I thought a bit and let it be fixed right away before reboot:

- Yes - Fix root (/system/bin/su)

As soon as system boots up, /sdcard/Download/ can be removed.

Software & Hardware

  • Device
    • Model: Galaxy Nexus
    • Product: yakjuxw
  • ROM Manager / ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.0.2 [initially]
  • ROM Manager / ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.1.0 [subsequently]
  • Root Explorer 2.21.1
  • Android 4.0.4 [initially]
  • Android 4.1.1 [subsequently]