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When KVM does not boot using PXE, one way to make sure that all servers work fine is to use gPXE utility manually.

gPXE command line

Start KVM machine and press CTRL+B to go to gPXE command line.

Command autoboot can be used to try to immediately boot the KVM machine. Instead, when troubleshooting is required, go through all the stages step by step.

First, list available commands using help command.

Configure network interface through DHCP

List available network interfaces by ifstat command.

Try to configure one of the interfaces by dhcp command:

dhcp net0

Review configured parameters via config command which brings up this TUI screen:


Boot KVM machine using image from the server

As soon as network interface is properly configured, it should be possible to load files from (TFTP) server.

Chain-load image which is supposed to boot the system.

chain /pxelinux.0

The subsequent boot stages depend on configuration. Normally, it first boots the system into intermediate state to provide menu to select the final kernel and configuration to use.