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These posts mostly related to open source software development, tools, recommendations.

The Future of Programming

I came across this video on my G+ stream and wanted to comment.

Great sarcastic presentation. :)

At 28:08 first 3 out of 4 points are actually just human-computer interface (HMI). They sound fun and playful, but programming will still profoundly be in text at least until we use keyboards. Text is very generic reliable "material" to start with. The languages can be abstracted to infinity allowing human to write in as general terms as possible. Text scales to any details and requires very simple tools to make the whole approach too powerful to replace. Think about simple action of copying and pasting. Visual tools lack standards to be interoperable. Try imagining relative complexity and compatibility of visual means to achieve functionality similar to grep, diff, sed, etc. Besides, nothing stops to go (bottom-up) presenting code visually.

Visual (top-down) programming tricks mostly suit for prototyping, simulation, initial code generation and faint-hearted techies. I think the world simply stuck with the most practical approach for now.

The last "concurrent" point seems happening naturally now (no point to complain about its absence). Human nature (unable to think concurrently) leads to predominantly sequential software - masses working on domain-level/application software code sequentially (unless hidden from our eyes by utilizing some sort of magic squeezed in compiler, isolated in libraries, generic coms layers, DB engines, or hardware). However, zoom out from a function to software system or even Internet scale - concurrency is already pervasive.

Use cygwin sshd to start application remotely in user GUI session

A simple SSH solution to run graphical application in Windows remotely using currently logged in user's session.

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OpenWRT DDNS updates do not work

This fix is worth sharing.

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